Toilet Pin

Toilet Pin

The humor is genuine, and the stakes are great in the capricious world of Toilet Pin. The game takes players to a bathroom, where they have to solve a number of loose ends, many of which revolve around the never-ending battle for toilet paper. The player must carefully operate the mouse to liberate the coveted paper from its blocked recess, which is expertly held in place by a troublesome pin. Each level gets harder than the last. Players that complete a level successfully receive points and move on to the next, where they will face even more challenging challenges. This game tests players' strategic, problem-solving, and fast-thinking skills in addition to being merely novel. Will you be able to bear the weight of this porcelain throne? Will you come out on top, or will you end up stranded in a challenging circumstance?

How To Play

Use fire, ice, or rock to defeat the fabled Alphabet monster by pulling the pins in the right order.

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