With a novel twist, Periodle replaces words with terms composed of elements from the periodic table, drawing inspiration from the well-known game Wordle. Each day, players in this game must guess a phrase that encompasses five to ten elements from the periodic table.

The words in the game are five to ten letters long, according to the game's creator, since they are known English nouns that can be spelled using elements from the periodic table. The mechanics of the game are comparable to those of Wordle in that players get eight chances each day to guess words, and their guesses cause the elements to change color.

  • Gray: The element is absent from the solution.
  • Yellow indicates an element that is there but not in the solution.
  • Green: a component of the solution

Five-letter terms are removed from a collection of over 1,000 words before the term to guess is selected. This guarantees that players will encounter longer and more intricate phrases. Though the player's time zone may change from the German time used in the game, every day the same words are heard.

How to play

  • The player must move with the mouse and adhere to the directions in order to finish the assignment.

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