Wheretaken is an entertaining and instructive game that blends geography, travel, and puzzle solving. It tests players' ability to accurately recognize well-known sites and landmarks across the globe using photographs. This game is ideal for those who enjoy geography and travel because it has three difficulty levels and intriguing gameplay.

Each round will begin with the players receiving a picture of a well-known site or monument. It's up to you to identify the location in the image. Players have six guesses to work with, so they have to think carefully about each one and assess the odds. As players make predictions, the game gives them feedback in the form of simulation results that show whether or not their answer is correct. This feedback includes details about the country or region's area in relation to its position, its level of accuracy, and its suggested distance and direction. In order to get the right answer in the end, players can make more educated predictions and deductions with the aid of this feedback.

There are three play levels in this game: Normal, Pro, and Expert. This is one of its distinctive features. Because of this, players with varying skill levels can enjoy the game at their desired level of difficulty. Wheretaken has a level to fit your comprehension and skill level, regardless of how experienced you are as a tourist or how new to geography you are. You never know; maybe you'll find your new favorite place to visit!

How to play

  • In the search bar, type the name of the nation.

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