Flagle 4

Flagle 4

Flagle 4 is a captivating puzzle game that blends spatial awareness and analytical abilities. Using only an incomplete flag as a hint, players must guess the nation of the day in this game. Players have just six attempts to figure out the solution by using their geographic and flag expertise to make reasonable guesses.

Players must determine which country an incomplete flag belongs to at the beginning of the game. A fresh detail will surface after every guess, providing players with additional details to help them refine their selections. As the number of attempts diminishes, the game becomes more tough, so making informed decisions is crucial.

Based on the given clues, players must apply their knowledge of geography and chess to make well-informed judgments. Because the game's focus is on nations and flags, it's a fantastic option for anyone looking to learn more about the globe.

How to play

  • To write the name of the country in the search field, use your mouse.

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