Flagle 3

Flagle 3

Flagle 3, which was inspired by the popular game Wordle, asks users to determine the nation of the day using only its flag and some basic information. It becomes simpler to enter the right nation's name because the player receives a piece of the unveiled flag as payment for each guess.

This game's emphasis on geography sets it apart from other puzzle games. To succeed in this game, players must have a rudimentary understanding of geography and the global map. For individuals who are interested in geography, this not only makes it more difficult but also more instructive and entertaining.

The first step for players is to estimate the name of the country. They then get more hints, like the distance between their guess and the chosen country. This feature makes the game more challenging because players have to think about the country's position in relation to other countries in addition to the flag.

How to play

  • In the search bar, type the name of the nation.

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