Stickman Jailbreak Story

Stickman Jailbreak Story

In the exciting game Stickman Jailbreak Story, take on a daring adventure as Stickman, who was wrongfully charged and put in jail. It's your responsibility to assist him in breaking out of the confines of his cell and making a risky getaway from jail. Use your sharp vision to search the screen for the scraper that will enable you to free yourself from the handcuffs.

Break the cell lock and sneak about the jail grounds without being noticed by using your quick reflexes and ingenuity. Don't assume that the woods are your home just yet; your hero still has to acquire the things he'll need to make his getaway. In this thrilling game, you'll play as Stickman sets out on his mission to escape prison, gathers necessary supplies, and gets past guards to reach his home. Can you assist Stickman in having his record cleared so he can enjoy the delicious taste of freedom? The moment has come to jailbreak. Are you prepared?

How To Play

To overcome every obstacle that stands in the path of freedom, use your mouse to precisely select and apply the appropriate things on the screen.

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