Prepare to put your word-guessing skills to the test with Culturle, an exciting and compulsive game that tests your linguistic skills. Inspired by the well-known web game Wordle, this one adds just enough of its own special touches to keep you interested!

You will come across a word in this thrilling game that you have to decode, but the difficulty is that it is always made up of seven letters. You have six tries to decipher, so you'll need to employ cunning and intuition. But don't worry; a color-coded feedback system in this game takes care of you.

The tiles in the game change color to give feedback after each guess. A letter that is both in the word and in the right place is shown in green. When a letter is colored yellow, it means that it is present in the word but is misplaced. Furthermore, the gray hue indicates that it has no relation to the term at all. So grab your thinking cap and get ready for the fascinating voyage that awaits you on Culturle. In a mere six attempts, can you decode this? It's up to you to find this word!

How to play

  • To participate in the challenge, players must move and use the mouse to look for the hidden word.


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