Avatar Master - Fix Up Face

Avatar Master - Fix Up Face

Avatar Master - Fix Up Face is an exciting online game where you can showcase your artistic abilities and accuracy. Get ready to impress! Transforming damaged face photographs into beautiful, original forms is the main goal of this captivating game. You'll have to work hard to pinpoint the sections that require modification when you examine the disorganized image on the screen.

You can progressively expose the exquisitely repaired face by dragging and fixing image pieces into the proper positions with a straightforward yet accurate mouse movement. As you gain experience and level up, you'll be able to take on more challenging facial tasks. You'll experience a sense of satisfaction and success with each successful edit, which will inspire you to keep honing your craft and expanding your creative boundaries. Take up the challenge of transforming disorder into beauty by playing the game.

How To Play

Move the dots on the image to return the face of your avatar to its original shape. Utilize a mouse on a PC or a touch screen for control.

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