Play Yeardle, a fun and informative word game that tests your knowledge of the past. This game takes a page out of Wordle's playbook by challenging players to pinpoint the exact year three arbitrary events took place in history. Those interested in history will find this game an exciting way to test and enhance their knowledge of civilizations from antiquity to the twentieth century.

The game's mechanics are straightforward: the player has up to eight chances to guess the proper date from three randomly selected events across different time periods. In the same way that Wordle uses color-coded hints for incorrect answers, this game does the same thing. A prediction is considered inaccurate if it is off by more than 200 years, brown if it is off by 40 to 200 years, and red, orange, and yellow if it is extremely accurate. The color green denotes an accurate answer.

What distinguishes this game is its extensive historical coverage. The game is tough and educational because it covers a vast range of historical events, from ancient civilizations to the modern day. Determining the precise year of key events requires more than just a good guess; it necessitates a thorough knowledge of global history.

In addition to being entertaining, this is instructive. Players are encouraged to go into many historical eras, fostering a more profound comprehension of past events and their interconnections. Yeardle is a historical guessing game, so be ready to type!

How to play

  • Players eagerly maneuver and manipulate their mouse in this exhilarating word-decoding game as they respond to a sequence of captivating cues that will test their mental faculties.

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