Pokerdle is an exhilarating and cerebrally engaging card game that blends the logic of reasoning with the adrenaline of poker. In this game, players must use their poker expertise and critical thinking abilities to predict a hidden poker hand from six available alternatives. It's a unique puzzle. Players will get helpful hints to help them find the right answer with each try, making it an interesting and thought-provoking experience.

There are only a few basic rules in this game. The first step in the game is for players to select any set of cards as their prediction. The game will provide a tip following each guess to let the player know if they selected the right card or not. To accurately identify the secret poker hand in six tries is the ultimate goal.

  • The green card signifies that you have chosen the right card and positioned it correctly.
  • The yellow card indicates that you selected the right card, but it was positioned incorrectly.
  • The gray card suggests that you have chosen the incorrect card.

For fans of poker who enjoy challenging their reasoning while having fun and appreciate the intricacy of the game, the game offers daily brain training. Every day, the game presents a fresh poker challenge, giving you ongoing chances to hone your problem-solving abilities. It's a fantastic option for anyone who likes to go through challenging puzzles and wants to see how well they can decipher secret poker hands.

How to play

  • Using their mouse and keyboard, players fill in the blanks on tasks by selecting the proper response.

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