Hexa Sort 3D

Hexa Sort 3D

Get ready for Hexa Sort 3D, an entertaining online puzzle game that will put your problem-solving abilities to the test. It will test your spatial reasoning and strategic thinking. You must carefully arrange hexagons of various colors on a hexagonal playing surface that is separated into cells in this imaginative game. Feeling worn out? Using your mouse, pick up and arrange these blocks in the appropriate places as you begin by gathering them from the board beneath the playing field.

Your objective is to sort the blocks according to color as you go, making distinct stacks for each hue. Sounds easy enough? Consider! You'll have to plan ahead for every move you make, considering how it will impact the puzzle's overall design and structure. Will you be able to conquer the obstacle? Take part in the game to find out!

How To Play

To play, click or tap.

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