Le Mot

Le Mot

Le Mot develops critical thinking and logical reasoning skills in addition to testing linguistic proficiency. But what makes it unique is that the entire interface is in French, which is a fantastic chance for people who wish to get better at the language. The idea behind the game is straightforward: players have six attempts to figure out today's five-letter French word.

The player proposes their first word at the start of the game, and then the computer generates feedback regarding the letter placement. While yellow letters suggest that a letter is part of the word but needs to be shifted, green letters show where the letter should be. Players gradually refine their guesses until they discover the right response as they keep figuring out the clues.

Playing this game is an enjoyable and instructive approach to practicing speaking French. Thus, if you enjoy using Wordle and would like to check how well you can speak French, give it a go right now and see if you can pass the daily language exam!

How to play

  • French words can be typed on your keyboard.

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