An entertaining and hard game to test your knowledge of French vocabulary is called LeMOT. Finding a five-letter word for the day is the objective, much like in Wordle, except this game is played solely in French. Because players have to comprehend and interpret the language in order to make informed predictions, this increases the difficulty level.

By adding the Scrabble rules, which permit the use of conjugated verbs and plurals, the game is further improved. Because players are forced to use more creative thinking to solve the puzzle rather than just simple words, the game becomes more appealing and varied.

You can guess the word of the day up to six times to play. Players can improve their chances of success by refining their guesses with the help of each indication about the letter that is provided. The difficulty is striking a balance between the restricted number of attempts and the requirement for accuracy. For language enthusiasts and those looking to push their language abilities, this is the ideal game. Are you prepared to accept the challenge and find out if you have what it takes to find the selected word before the allotted time runs out?

How to play

  • Use the keyboard or left mouse button to find the specified word.

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