The goal of the captivating and enjoyable game Devimot is to identify the daily five-letter French word. Like Wordle, players must estimate correctly and get suggestions after every attempt. For individuals who would like to experience Wordle principles in their own language or hone their French language skills, this game is a perfect opportunity.

Players get six chances to guess the word of the day in this game. Like Wordle, the game provides players with color-coded indications after each guess to help them grasp the precise location and existence of the letters they have selected. These hints will assist in reducing the number of possible answers as the game goes on and will ultimately point to the right one.

Players are urged to exercise critical thought in this game and apply their knowledge of French to solve challenges. The game is an enjoyable and addicting diversion because of its easy-to-use UI and frequent word updates.

How to play

  • To create words, use the left mouse or keyboard.

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