Kitty Scramble

Kitty Scramble

In the thrilling game Kitty Scramble, go out on an amazing adventure with Felix the cat. Felix invites you to team up with him on this thrilling journey as he explores a world filled with mysteries and puzzles. You will be greeted by an enchanted area filled with alphabetical cells as soon as you enter the game.

It's your job to carefully go over the letters and use the mouse to link those that make a proper word. The letters will vanish as soon as you form a word, and you will score points. The complexity rises with each level, which keeps you interested and motivated to solve the upcoming puzzles. The game fosters creativity, critical thinking, and a sense of achievement with each word that is made correctly.

This is a fun game that mixes word play and the excitement of puzzles. Accompany Felix the cat on his adventure and discover the delight of unleashing the possibilities of your mind while having a good time. Prepare to juggle and enjoy yourself immensely!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to join letters to form words.

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