Scrape And Guess

Scrape And Guess

With Scrape And Guess, a fresh and captivating puzzle game that tests your reasoning and intelligence, you may go on an amazing mental adventure. This cutting-edge game offers a distinctive blend of cognitive and visual engagement, providing an engaging gaming environment.

A gray playing field and an alphabetically named control panel surround the gray playing field when you're playing a game. By dragging the mouse over the gray region, you can progressively reduce its opacity and uncover hidden details of the underlying image. As you carefully examine the developing image fragments, this procedure calls for a sharp mind and eye.

It's time to put your vocabulary to the test after you've viewed the portions of the image that have been exposed. To create a term that perfectly captures the image's topic, use your mouse to click on the letters in the table. Your aptitude for deciphering concealed images and expressing the right words will determine how successful you are in this attempt.

How to play

  • Use your mouse or finger to gently scrape the gray area in the middle to begin the game.

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