Xmas Wordering

Xmas Wordering

For those who enjoy word games and Christmas, Xmas Wordering is a fun challenge. The objective of this carnival game is for players to guess three words for every stage. a series of pictures arrayed horizontally on the screen, each one symbolizing a distinct word. A word with mixed letters appears beneath these pictures. The objective is to rearrange the words by selecting the appropriate image and clicking on it.

The player receives 200 points for each accurate estimate; erroneous guesses incur a penalty of the same number. The secret to winning this game is to select the correct image with care and consideration rather than just winging it.

In this game, time is of the essence, which adds an extra element of suspense. Nevertheless, players won't lose the level even if the meter hits its limit—instead, they will just forfeit bonus points for any time they did not spend. Get your loved ones together for an exciting word-guessing game that will keep you occupied for several hours.

How to play

  • To play, use a touch pad or mouse.

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