Fans of the well-liked smartphone game Ensemble Stars, also known as Enstars, will enjoy Enstarsdle. The thrill of finding the precise first or last names of Enstars characters is elevated in this Wordle-style word-guessing game. Players must navigate through changing numbers of letters, some of which are harder to predict than others, posing new obstacles every day.

The gameplay is straightforward but captivating, making it both basic enough for players to understand and challenging enough to keep them coming back for more. The rules are comparable to those of Wordle, in which the player receives six attempts to identify the right name. This game offers useful tips after each guess, which players may use to improve their performance on subsequent attempts until they discover the name of that particular day.

This game is unique from other word-guessing games because of its tie to Ensemble Stars. Gamers who enjoy video games will value the chance to put their familiarity with their favorite characters to the test. Because players must decode a new collection of letters and numbers every day, the game's daily challenges keep things exciting and fresh. This gives the game a unique twist that keeps players interested and wondering what obstacles are up ahead. See if you can guess the names of your favorite Enstars characters by giving this game a try!

How to play

  • Using the keyboard or left mouse button, type the name of the character.


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