Prepare yourself for Dohdle, the ideal fusion of puzzles featuring the Simpsons and brainteasers! The movie's Wordle mode challenge, which drew inspiration from the well-known word game Wordle, gets a challenging twist in this game with a focus on everyone's favorite yellow family.

Your objective in this game is to correctly pick a word associated with The Simpsons television show in six attempts. The game gives you feedback on how close you are to the right answer as you make predictions by altering the color of the boxes. It wasn't all luck, though; as you hone your Simpsons knowledge, this game rewards logic and strategy, helping you to reduce the options with each play.

It's much more intriguing because it admits that words other than "Simpsons" can also be reliable guesses. This implies that, in order to break the code, you must use your imagination and weigh all of your options. Dohdle thus offers an entertaining and captivating experience, regardless of your level of fandom or preference for word challenges.

How to play

  • Use the left mouse button to enter words.


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