In the unusual word-guessing game Dudele, players can guess words, locations, names, and Americanisms with a color-coded feedback system to assist them in determining the proper letters.

The American theme of the game provides excitement and depth of culture. Players attempt to find the connection between a word, place, name, or Americanism associated with the United States and the theme of each gaming session. Because of the game's adjustable length—from short to long—players are kept interested and challenged in a dynamic way.

The player gets six chances to find the secret word while playing. The game offers feedback through color-coded boxes following each guess. "Correct letter, correct position" is represented by green cells, and "current letter, wrong position" is represented by yellow cells. The gray box represents the "Out of Office Letter." With the use of this feedback, players may improve their next efforts and eventually figure out which letters go where in the word with an American theme.

How to play

  • Utilize the mouse and keyboard to interact with the game.


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