A daily word game with a military theme, DODle will test your ability to reason and think logically in addition to challenging your word-guessing abilities. The aim of this entertaining game is to predict the term DOD (Department of Defense) in six trials.

The game's basic but captivating gameplay involves making guesses and receiving important feedback in the form of color changes on the tiles that show how close your guess is to the correct answer. This feedback assists you in reducing the number of options and improving your next estimations until you ultimately determine which letters are correct and where they belong in the acronym.

Every day, the game releases a brand-new word puzzle with a military theme, offering fresh difficulties and engaging gameplay. Players must carefully examine and make use of the hints supplied after each guess in order to solve the puzzle and determine which letters to use and where in the acronym.

How to play

  • To play the game, use the left mouse or keyboard.


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