Presenting Dundle, the exciting word-guessing game that will put your strategic thinking and vocabulary to the test. This game takes the idea to the next level with a distinctive twist that will keep you captivated. The well-known game Wordle served as inspiration.

You'll discover an enigmatic seven-letter word in Dundle. Your objective is to use the color-coded boxes that show up after each guess to determine the correct word in six tries. The game's fundamentals are straightforward but incredibly engaging: if you guess right, you get one step closer to winning. Be careful, though; one mistake might cost you a lot of money.

The game differs from Wordle in that it uses a color coding scheme. The letter you guessed is in the word and in the right place if there are purple boxes around it. Orange boxes indicate the incorrectly guessed letter that should have been a part of a word. A gray box indicates the letter you guessed if it is not at all present in the word. You may determine which letters are more likely to appear as parts of words and which letters are less likely to appear by examining their colors.

How to play

  • Enter your response using the on-screen keyboard or the keyboard.


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