If you enjoy Wordle, the popular word-guessing game that went viral, then get ready to toast to Beerdle, its beer-themed competitor. For beer lovers who wish to enjoy a fun and interesting word-guessing game while testing their knowledge of beer-related language, this classic game is ideal.

The objective is to correctly guess the beer-related five-letter word in six tries. The color feedback method of the game is comparable to Wordle's; green indicates the letter that is in the right place, yellow indicates the letter that is in the incorrect location, and gray indicates a letter face that is missing. But the word list in this game is specifically made up of terminology connected to beer, which gives players a fun and interesting challenge.

The range of beer-related terms that are accepted as plausible guesses is among the most intriguing features. The game's word list is extensive and diverse, ranging from beer genres like IPA and stout to brewery names and beer-related expressions like "hoppy" and "malty." This lets players try their hand at a variety of scenarios while attempting to estimate the right response. Now grab a cool drink and get ready to play Beerdle, a word-guessing game with a beer theme that will make you want to sip on more beer!

How to play

  • Using the keyboard, enter your prediction.


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