Presenting Anidal, the timeless word-guessing game with an animal theme that will captivate you! Anidal is a game that tests your cunning and animal knowledge. You get six attempts to guess the name of an elusive animal.

However, Anidal's open-source design distinguishes it from other word games. This implies that anyone can use, alter, and contribute to the game's resources and code. This guarantees that the game is continuously getting better and changing while also enabling community participation.

You'll note that each estimate in Anidal comes with helpful feedback in the form of colored boxes. The correct letter is shown in green cells when it is in the proper place, and the incorrect letter is shown in yellow cells. You can tell which letter to concentrate on by looking at the gray boxes, which indicate absent letters.

As you attempt to identify the names of various creatures, the animal theme heightens the thrill of the game. There are many different animals to discover, including kangaroos, penguins, tigers, and lions. You'll also need to use your animal name knowledge to your advantage and think tactically with the six chances you have available.

How to play

  • To make words, use the keyboard or the left mouse button.

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