Discover the world of Adoptle, a game that will challenge your ability to guess words while teaching you about cute animals. With as few guesses as possible, players must guess a mystery word connected to animals in this unique online version of the beloved Wordle game.

This game's gameplay is not overly challenging. The game will indicate whether a letter is in the word and in the right place after giving players six guesses as to which letters make up the mystery word. To aid players in guessing words, the game offers tips such as the word's letter count and previously guessed letters.

A new animal-related mystery word will be revealed each day, and participants can compete with one another to guess the word in the fewest attempts. The terms "adopted" and "Wordle" are combined to create the game's name, Adoptle, which reflects the idea behind it—to spread awareness about adoption. As they advance in the game, players will discover fascinating details about many creatures. Come explore the world of animals with me by signing up for this game!

How to play

  • Enter the name of the pet on the keyboard.

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