Zp-Ordle is a mathematical adventure that tests your ability to think analytically and strategically, in addition to being a number-guessing game. To effectively guess the objective number in this game, one must possess strong mathematical comprehension as well as strategic preparation. The use of p-adic distance, which gives the conventional number-guessing game an intellectual twist, is what makes the game distinctive.

The idea of p-adic distance, or the distance an integer has from being divisible by the prime number p, is at the core of this game. When n is not divisible by p and x = np^k, the p-adic norm of an integer is p^-k. This metric indicates the degree to which your estimate and the real number differ from one another.

The target number, which is randomly chosen between 0 and 1000, can be guessed ten times in this game. A prime number is assigned to each attempt in increasing order. The game determines the p-adic distance between your guess and the goal number after each guess. You can tell how close or far your estimate is from the real figure by looking at this distance.

This is the game for you if you're ready to put your arithmetic skills to the test and have some daily brain food! Can you accurately guess the target number and master the p-adic distance? Play Zp-ordle to learn more!

How to play

Check to see if the number is a number by entering it in the search area.

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