Times Table Sequences Game

Times Table Sequences Game

Times Table Sequence Game is an interesting combination of Wordle with multiplication, making it a difficult and special math experience. This is not your typical arithmetic game; rather, it's an engaging puzzle that will put your knowledge and strategic guessing to the test.

Finding a sequence of numbers in the multiplication table—from two to ten times—in six trials is the aim of the game. The color-coded hints in the game's Wordle-inspired hint system will lead you in the right order. The trick is to strategically use these cues to figure out the right sequence on a given trial.

Challenges with limited attempts give the game more strategy and excitement. The player has six attempts to decode, using both skill and luck. The game is cognitively interesting because of its captivating math puzzle dynamics, which keep players on the edge of their seats with every try.

With its clever mix of strategic guessing and mathematical aptitude, the game is an excellent way for kids to hone their multiplication skills and sharpen their problem-solving techniques. For adults, it's also an entertaining and stimulating method to sharpen their arithmetic skills and stretch their thinking. Why don't you try your hand at decoding it after six tries? Your brain will be appreciative!

How to play

Press and hold the left mouse button to interact with the game.

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