Greetings from the exciting world of Woodle, where you'll put your name-guessing skills to the test! Take part in this thrilling game and go on an unforgettable journey that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Your task is straightforward but difficult: guess the illusive WHODLE, which is a variety of Americans' first names. But be advised—this is not a game for the weak of heart!

Your objective is to identify the individual you are trying to identify within six trials by accurately guessing their name. To gauge your accuracy, start by making your best estimate and watching the boxes change color. When letters are written correctly, they take on an appealing green hue, but when they are written incorrectly, they take on a startling yellow hue. Erroneous characters will not change from their original color.

Make use of these suggestions to improve your forecasts and reduce the number of options. Can you complete WHODLE in only six attempts? Now is the moment to learn! You'll get closer to solving the puzzle and identifying these enigmatic American figures with each guess you make. But take caution—every incorrect estimate puts you one step closer to failing! Will you rise to the occasion and triumph, or will you fall short and let your rivals celebrate their win? You get to make the decision—enter the game and experience the excitement of name-guessing like never before!

How to play

  • Type letters into the virtual keyboard by clicking on them with your mouse.

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