Word Cube Online

Word Cube Online

Word Cube Online allows you to explore the world of letters and test your vocabulary! You must arrange the letters correctly and find the hidden words within each of the four game modes to earn points. WordCube is an easy puzzle game that you can play with your mouse. Choose from one of the four game modes, and then use the left mouse button (or the right mouse button) to rearrange letters and search the cube looking for words. Learn new words and exercises your brain.

The game features four different game types as well as a global leaderboard that will keep you on the screen for hours. You must give up 500 coins to access the challenge mode. You must produce as many words in the time limit. You can also play against someone completely new in vs. The player with the most points wins the round. Offline mode is the third level. Here you can earn more money by creating words before time runs out. Play with buddy mode is the last option. Here you can challenge your friend to a game or word association. Make sure to check out the leaderboard in the main menu.

Word Cube Online is completely free. So, relax and enjoy for hours! We offer the perfect opportunity for those who can't seem to get enough word challenges. You can find more puzzle games here!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse
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