Witch Crossword

Witch Crossword

Witch Crossword transports players to the magical Dark Forest in an entertaining way. You will be welcomed into this magical realm by a quaint little witch who serves as your advisor and guide. You have to use your cunning to solve challenging crossword puzzles made by the wise witch herself in order to show off your curiosity and navigate the meandering trails through the woodland.

The objective of the game is to build intersecting words without changing their meaning by filling in the white squares on the playing surface with letter symbols. As a bonus, the wizard asks questions to provide the player with clues, and they can use the letters to interpret the answers.

By providing a distinctive blend of amusement and mental challenge, the game encourages players to explore the Dark Forest while refining their language and problem-solving abilities. The game is a great option for anyone looking for an enjoyable and instructive gaming experience because of its captivating ambiance and intellectually stimulating difficulties.

How to play

  • To locate a word, swipe to pick it up.
  • To create the correct word, click on the letters.

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