Language Power created /wɚdəl/, an IPA-based version of the word-guessing game Wordle. You will utilize the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to decode the pronunciation of words in North American English rather than speculating on their spelling. Can you figure out the mystery word in the allotted 12 attempts before time runs out?

An assortment of IPA symbols entered for each estimate serve to represent the sounds you hear in spoken English. These phonetic expressions are provided by the CMU Pronunciation Dictionary; however, keep in mind that your accent might be slightly different.

You'll get feedback in the form of gray, yellow, and green highlights after every guess. When a sound is successfully guessed in the correct position, it is indicated by a green highlight; when a sound is accurately guessed in the wrong position, it is indicated by a yellow highlight. A gray icon means you missed that sign completely.

Utilize this input to focus your predictions and reduce the number of possibilities. Keep in mind that every effort matters, so pick your IPA logo carefully. This game will amuse and educate you, whether you're a linguistics fanatic or just seeking something enjoyable and tough to play!

How to play

  • Press keys on the physical keyboard or use the mouse to navigate the virtual one.

Play the wɜːdəl game, which opened the door to many more thrilling new challenges, and many more thrilling new guessing games here on our site. Find out for yourself how much fun it is by playing today!

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