Wɜːdəl is a novel game that blends word guessing with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). With a distinctive twist, this game is modeled after the well-known wordle. Rather than speculating on a word's appearance, players have to figure out how to pronounce it using the IPA symbol.

A string of IPA letters that represent a hidden word will appear on the screen in this game. It's up to you to figure out which word those sounds actually belong to. However, note that the IPA representation may have fewer letters than the English term itself.

You must enter words with precisely five IPA letters in order to play. The game uses color-coded tiles to deliver feedback, as you might expect. Green boxes show that a letter in the word you guessed is in the right place and matches the IPA letter. Letters in yellow boxes correspond to their IPA representations, although they are positioned incorrectly.

You're getting closer to finding the concealed word with every guess. You have a limited number of attempts to finish the puzzle, so move quickly. Can you win this game and turn into a pronunciation virtuoso? Try your luck and find out!

How to play

  • Input characters by dragging your cursor over the virtual keyboard.

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