The newest game in the Wordle-inspired game craze, Unicodele, is a distinctive and difficult take on the well-known word-guessing game. In contrast to Wordle, which asks players to predict a word with five letters, players in this game must identify a Unicode character based on a five-digit code point. Although it might seem impossible, players can find the elusive character with the help of seven guesses and color-coded tips.

In this game, figuring out which code to enter is the toughest problem. This is no small task, considering the Unicode standard has approximately 137,000 characters. Nonetheless, the game is recognizable and simple to learn because of its Wordle-like qualities. The quantity of guesses and color-coded tips that players can make after each guess is still restricted. Gray indicates the character doesn't appear at all, yellow indicates it appears in the character but is in the incorrect position, and green indicates the character is in the correct position.

The size of the Unicode list is what makes this game so difficult. In contrast to Wordle's restricted word pool, thousands of characters are available. Because of this, character guessing without prior Unicode knowledge is very difficult. But this is a game not to be missed if you enjoy a good challenge and are familiar with Unicode.

How to play

  • Enter characters with the keyboard or the virtual keyboard by moving the mouse over it.

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