Turnipleon, a fun and amusing game that encourages players to guess the characters in "Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion" in a creative way, was inspired by Wordle. Thematic linkages, color-coded feedback, secret rules, and unique features all contribute to the game's captivating and thought-provoking experience for players.

The game mechanics are straightforward but difficult. In the game Radish Boy Guilty of Tax Evasion, the player's objective is to guess the right character order. While there isn't a comprehensive list of characters in the game, it does use some guidelines to help you find them. These guidelines may specify things like character layout, character pairings, the absence of duplicate characters, etc. Through guessing and observing the responses, players must deduce and comprehend these secret laws. The game uses colored bubbles to provide feedback after each guess.

  • Green: Characters that belong in the solution and are in the right place will have their highlights changed to green.
  • Yellow: Characters that are missing but still necessary to solve the problem will be indicated in yellow.
  • Gray: Characters that appear in any place but are not included in the solution are shown in gray.

Figuring out the hidden rules that control the sequence is the game's challenge. Gamers have to carefully consider the comments and modify their forecasts as necessary. To find the fundamental guidelines, they must experiment with various character lineups and placements. This method needs pattern identification, strategic guessing, and rational thought.

How to play

  • Using the left mouse button, type the right response.

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