TWICE Heardle

TWICE Heardle

The K-pop-inspired remake of the well-known online game Heardle, called Twice Heardle, has swept the music industry off its feet. Players are tasked with identifying six song segments from Twice in a single day. The guidelines are comparable to Heardle's, but they include a special twist that makes sense for Twice's catalog.

Overcoming daily music difficulties that are unique to Twice's music is the aim of the game. After 16 seconds of listening to a randomly selected Twice song, players must determine the right response. The audience can use 16-second excerpts from randomly selected Twice songs as suggestions from the game to help them guess the right answer.

K-pop enthusiasts who can swiftly and easily recognize Twice's songs are the game's target demographic. To determine if they can decipher the code, they can repeat and sing along to the hints. In order to save time, players can also choose to exclude their predictions. They can utilize the search box to find answers to any queries they may have regarding the two songs.

Players should not restrict their comments to a single language when playing Twice Heardle. Rather, they ought to base their estimations on the complete spectrum of music. Players may enjoy this enjoyable and difficult musical experience and improve their odds of guessing right within six tries by adhering to the game's guidelines and advice.

How to play

  • Players only need to follow the instructions and use the mouse to take part in the challenge.

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