Sonic Heardle

Sonic Heardle

Even the most devoted fans of the well-liked Wordle genre will find Sonic Heardle to be a challenge. The developers of the game delved deeply into Sonic's vast discography to choose songs that some gamers might not be familiar with. The game is proving to be a challenging experiment, even after only a few days of release.

According to the game description, each of these games is chosen at random from among the several tunes in the franchise. Some of these tunes are from adaptations like the OVA and SatAM, while the majority are from Sonic games. This implies that, in order to determine the right response, gamers will have to reflect on their prior interactions with Sonic.

Like previous Wordle games, this one has a 24-hour reset, which presents a problem. This increases the tension and excitement factor because participants have a time limit to properly predict. That also implies that if gamers don't succeed today, they could have to wait until tomorrow to attempt again. For some players, especially those who are not familiar with all the tracks in the library, its difficulty can be too much, though. But I urge everyone to try it out and see if they can outsmart today's selection!

How to play

  • By moving and using the mouse to follow directions, players attempt to predict the music.

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