Teniz is a novel take on the traditional word game format that measures players' familiarity with Open Era Grand Slam tennis champions. The game gives tennis fans a fun way to show off their knowledge of legendary Grand Slam winners and their word-guessing skills by fusing tennis trivia with word-guessing tasks. icon. icon.

Using the given characteristics and hints about the Grand Slam players' careers, the primary goal of this game is to accurately identify the Grand Slam winners. A number of attributes are displayed in the game, such as the player's country, gender, total number of Grand Slam victories, year of their first Grand Slam victory, and playing style (right-handed vs. left-handed). Using the provided traits as hints, players submit their predictions for the champion in the search field. The player inputs their prediction and then clicks "SEND" to proceed.

The game provides feedback on how closely the entered player's attributes match those of the player in question after each guess. The accuracy level is indicated by the symbols and color codes used to transmit feedback. Single response requirements are applicable for Grand Slam attributes:

  • Green: A perfect Grand Slam match.
  • Blue: Although the player in question has more titles, all of his Grand Slam victories came through prediction.
  • Yellow: While not precisely matched, a few frequent Grand Slam victories between players and guests are listed.
  • Red: The guest and the concerned player do not share any Grand Slam titles.

While playing, the game also includes Easy Mode. This method makes the procedure more straightforward and simplifies the hints by revealing attributes after every failed guess. On their final attempt, players can also utilize Extra Hints, which helps them make more informed guesses. However, points will be lost if you select Easy Mode or use Extra Hints.

How to play

  • To enter characters, use the mouse to click on the virtual keyboard.

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