Thirtle is a brain-stimulating game that will keep you working extra hard. Players must use their vocabulary knowledge, speed, and patience to correctly guess six random five-letter words in a row. This game is comparable to the well-known Wordle, but it features more slick animations and faster action.

In order to play Thirtle, players must correctly guess a 5-letter word that is produced at random by the game's algorithm. Players are given six chances to guess the right word and are provided with colored letters as feedback. Gray letters denote the incorrect letter, orange letters denote the letter is in the right location, and yellow letters denote the player wrote the letter correctly but in the wrong place.

In the beginning, participants are told to utilize words with as many vowels and as few repeating letters as they can. The player must solve all 30 of the game's problems without making any mistakes. The higher the score, the quicker the riddles are solved.

By enabling individuals to upload their scores to social media sites or take pictures of their finished puzzles, the game gives players a competitive edge. Players who wish to put their word-solving prowess to the test will find the game to be an enjoyable challenge. The game's fast-paced style and objective of finishing all 30 puzzles in succession make it both addicting and replayable.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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