The decoding logic game Symble puts the player's ability to reason to the test. This game is interesting, thought-provoking, and intriguing, with five different game styles. With only eight trials, the goal of the game is to decipher a five-letter secret word utilizing a succession of symbols as hints. The game adds a fresh set of difficult hints that make it more difficult and thought-provoking.

Daily Puzzle, Infinite Mode, 5-Minute Blitz, Live Blitz, and Custom Puzzle Mode are the five different game modes. Every day at midnight local time, a new puzzle is uploaded on the Daily Puzzle app. In the infinite mode, users can play as many games as they wish, and random words will surface as they do so. Players in the 5-minute blitz game compete against the clock to solve as many problems as they can in that time. Players can engage in live lightning combat with a stranger or a friend for five minutes. By selecting any five letters as the solution, users can create their own puzzles in the Custom Puzzle Mode.

The game's rules are pretty straightforward. In Symble, there are three symbols, each of which has a distinct meaning. If you successfully guess, a set of five symbols will be shown to you, each of which corresponds to a letter in the answer that is hidden. To understand the symbols' significance and how they relate to the hidden word, players must apply their critical thinking abilities. This game is ideal for anyone looking to have fun while honing their reasoning and strategic skills because it has intricate clues.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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