Players can take on a novel and exciting challenge with Tacicle, an entertaining and demanding word game that blends aspects of Wordle and chess puzzles. In contrast to conventional word games, players in this game must use their strategic thinking and chess knowledge to predict their opponent's best move at a certain chessboard position, as well as their best move after that.

With movements typed using 'Algebraic' notation, a typical chess notation, the game's interface is easy to use. Gamers are given a location on the board, and their objective is to use their strategic thinking and chess skills to determine the best move. The game gives feedback after every guess by placing colored squares on the board to show how close the guess is to the correct answer.

The use of letters and symbols as hints to direct the player toward the right actions is one of Tacticle's distinctive features. For instance, if the letter "Q" appears in a position, the queen will be involved in the move. Compared to conventional word games, this feature increases the game's difficulty and intellectual stimulation by including a logic and deduction component.

The ability to use the "=" symbol for pawn promotions is another special feature of Tacticle. A pawn in space A1 is promoted to a queen, for instance, when "A1=Q" is used. Because of this characteristic, players have to think carefully about whether promoting a pawn is worth sacrificing other pieces or moving forward in the game.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to type on the virtual keyboard, or use the keyboard to enter letters.

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