The inventive and entertaining game Stockle blends the stock and exchange-traded fund (ETF) markets with the beloved word game Wordle. It provides a distinctive and demanding experience that puts players' stock market expertise and stock symbol identification to the test. It's an exciting game that combines strategy, deduction, and luck, as your objective is to predict the ticker symbol of a stock or ETF in six tries.

This game's gameplay is straightforward but appealing. Following each guess by the player, who enters a ticker symbol they believe corresponds to the hidden stock or ETF, the game gives feedback by changing the color of the boxes. Players can see how close their guesses are to the real ticker symbol by adjusting the color.

With a focus on recognizing stocks or ETFs, this game provides a difficult stock-guessing experience. In a set number of tries, players can utilize their understanding of the stock market to make informed guesses and determine the correct ticker symbol. Players may improve their strategy and make more educated guesses by evaluating how near or accurate their forecasts are, thanks to the feedback given by the changing boxes. Why not give it a go right now? How much you actually know about stocks and ETFs may surprise you!

How to play

  • Create the correct answer with the left mouse button.

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