Play the thrilling game Superdle and set off on an adventurous adventure as a monster hunter! Inspired by Wordle's cerebral challenge and the dramatic universe of Supernatural, this game offers fans a fun way to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

This game's straightforward yet captivating gameplay is meant to keep you on the edge of your seat. Enter the first word, a character from the cherished series, to begin your journey. As you go, the game will send you insightful comments via mail to help you with your subsequent predictions. You only get six chances to find out the monster's name for the day, so use caution. Time is of the essence, so practice and assess your knowledge!

This game improves your ability to solve problems and think strategically, while also putting your supernatural puzzle-solving skills to the test. Fans of the series will love this game because it immerses them in a world full of monsters and hunters with every gameplay. So, are you prepared to take on the task and excel as Superdle's greatest monster hunter?

How to play

  • Using the left mouse button, type the character's name from the Supernatural television series into the game.

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