Take off on an incredible journey with Sqwortle, a captivating game that blends Wordle's captivating gameplay with the captivating world of Pokemon. For those Pokemon lovers who want to put their knowledge and abilities to the test, this game presents an enticing challenge.

Each day, participants in this entertaining game must guess the name of a Pokemon in a quiz. Similar to Wordle, players get letter tips after every attempt, which makes the game more intriguing and thrilling. The number of letters that change in the Pokemon's name every day, however, is what sets this game apart and gives the gaming an element of surprise. The objective is to finish the puzzle in six attempts, prove your abilities, and win.

Both devoted Pokemon fans and beginners will find hours of fun in this game, which offers a distinctive blend of nostalgia and innovation. Are you prepared to take on Sqwortle's daily challenges and put your Pokemon knowledge to the test? Explore the Pokemon universe; it's waiting for you!

How to play

  • Use the on-screen virtual keyboard to interact with the game.

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