Sudoku 4 In 1

Sudoku 4 In 1

You're going to go on an unparalleled puzzle-solving journey with Sudoku 4 In 1. Your goal is to complete the blank cells in a 9x9 grid by adhering to a set of straightforward yet astute guidelines that are disclosed at the beginning of the game. Using the starting point of certain numbers, you'll have to utilize logic to determine which numbers could move where.

You'll gain experience points and level up as you go, opening up new challenges and sharpening your mind. Recall that every row, column, and subgrid can only have one instance of each integer. Therefore, make sure the numbers are entered correctly by checking them again after filling them in. Will you be able to solve them all and master Sudoku? Enter the game right now to find out!

How To Play

To place the number, click and hold the empty box, drag the number into it, and then let go of the mouse.

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