Block Puzzle Sudoku

Block Puzzle Sudoku

Prepare to unleash your inner genius and put your mind to the test with Block Puzzle Sudoku, an exciting online game! Imagine a modified version of a virtual Sudoku board. You will deal with colorful cubes that must be arranged carefully to make a row of identical shapes rather than numbers.

It seems simple, doesn't it? Consider! It will become increasingly harder to clear the field as you proceed because some cells will already be filled with cubes when you first start. You're not alone, so don't worry. To assist you in reaching your objective, a panel at the bottom of the screen provides a selection of block shapes. To make a coherent row, drag and drop these forms onto the board, rearranging them as necessary. The cleared blocks will vanish and provide you with points if you succeed. Getting as many points as you can in the time given for each stage is your goal.

How To Play

To arrange the pieces on the board, use the mouse.

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