For those who have spent millions of hours online learning the nuances of Internet lingo, Slangle is the ideal game. This entertaining and captivating challenge, Slang, assesses your understanding of acronyms and Internet slang. It's time to put your language skills to the test online, from "LOL" to obscure acronyms.

You have to figure out what the three-letter slang term of the day is in this entertaining game. Your task is to figure out what the mystery word is, whether it's an abbreviation on the Internet or slang in written communication. The game provides letter clues with each guess, bringing you closer to the right response, much like the well-known game Wordle. But the difficulty is increased when there are just three letters available, making it an exciting game for all players. Can you solve the code in six tries?

Playing games is an excellent way to pass the time and test your knowledge. Are you prepared to accept the challenge and achieve the status of the ultimate slang expert? Enter the game's universe and begin your journey to solve puzzles!

How to play

  • Use your mouse or keyboard to guess the slang.

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