Discover the intriguing world of Radiole, a fun puzzle game that will put your brain to the test in an exciting challenge with a radio theme. This captivating game's straightforward but addictive gameplay is meant to keep you hooked.

Your task is to uncover the word of the day, which can only contain a maximum of five letters and is related to radio. Technical words, musical genres, station names, and even intriguing locales connected to the radio industry are just a few of the varied choices available in the game. Can you win the game and reveal the word within the allotted time with just six tries?

This game's distinct hinting system is what makes it stand out from other word games. The game will provide colorful tips, much like Wordle, as you might expect. While letters in green indicate the proper position, characters in yellow indicate they are correct but appear in the incorrect place. This feature gives the gameplay a fascinating, strategic, and intriguing dimension that makes it both rewarding and demanding. Are you prepared to put your radio knowledge to the test?

How to play

  • To guess words, use the keyboard.

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