If you love to play with words and are passionate about plants or the outdoors, Plantle is the ideal game for you. This innovative and entertaining word-guessing game, which is centered around the world of plants, was inspired by the well-known Wordle.

The game gives you a randomly chosen term associated with plants, herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, beans, mushrooms, and other things every day. It is your job to use the game's tip system to locate the word in six tries. You'll get vibrant suggestions every time you guess, which will assist you in honing your selections and coming up with more informed guesses.

Are you prepared to start a daily word-guessing adventure centered on plants? The game promises to excite and amuse you with its captivating gameplay, eye-catching visuals, and abundance of terms linked to plants. Play this fun game and see how much you know about the kingdom of plants!

How to play

  • To play the game, press and hold the left mouse button.

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