Quina is a guessing game with five letters that is similar to Wordle in popularity. Your final objective in this entertaining game is to identify the code phrase within ten trials. You receive a variety of hints from the game to help you eliminate some of the options.

To figure out the codeword, players must apply logic and thinking skills. To arrive at educated hypotheses, they must carefully consider each hint, process it, and thoroughly rule out all other alternatives. The objective of the game is for participants to maximize their odds of guessing by employing techniques including selecting words with common letters, looking at word patterns, and making use of the offered clues to rule out potential guesses.

Players have ten chances to figure out the right codeword in this challenging but thrilling task. To draw valid conclusions, they must employ a finite set of predictions effectively and efficiently. The game will provide you feedback on how accurate your guess was after each guess, along with the right letters in the right and wrong placements. Additionally, the game provides you with more insightful data that you can use to improve your future forecasts.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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