Proximle is a fun word-guessing game that draws inspiration from Wordle, its illustrious forerunner. The objective is to correctly guess the daily word in six tries while using a color-based feedback system to help identify the word. Following each guess, the game board's cells change color to show how near or far the guessed word is.

Letters are shown in green boxes when they are in the proper position, whereas letters are shown in yellow boxes when they are part of a word but not in the proper location. The absence of a letter is indicated by red boxes. To eliminate potential letters and narrow down the term, look at how the color changes after each guess.

Proximle tests players' word-solving abilities by giving them six chances to guess daily words using techniques like inference and the process of elimination. The game's main objective is to give players a fun and challenging word-guessing experience that motivates them to hone their word-recognition and reasoning abilities.

An entertaining and highly strategic word-guessing game, the game's novel feedback system gives players an intellectually fascinating experience. Today, test your word-guessing luck and sharpen your word-solving abilities with Proximle.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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